Video surveillance

From a classic, simple video camera connected to a monitor to IP digital video surveillance and video analysis, video surveillance systems play an increasingly important role in the security and activity of any objective.

Useful for both security and control and management, video surveillance plays an essential role in security systems for: industrial facilities, airports, public institutions, universities, hospitals, public services, railway stations, parks, stadiums, casinos, office buildings , shopping centers or residential buildings.

ICCO Systems offers a complete range of equipment and solutions through which it offers the possibility of excellent surveillance for each objective or application, easy to use and control, integrable with other security systems.

The range of products is very varied, from fixed cameras, mobile cameras, speed-dome cameras, linear mobile cameras (tub-camera, shuttle-camera, rail-video-system), but their choice must be made according to the purpose and their utility. We install the latest video surveillance technologies based on equipment and software developed by the most important manufacturers: