parking management

Off-street parking management systems are intended for areas where access can be limited with barriers and allow access to two categories of customers: visitors and subscribers.

The off-street parking lots allow, on the one hand, the access of visitors by using barcode tickets issued at the entrance to the parking lot or by identifying the registration number (LPR), and on the other hand, the access of subscribers by using proximity cards or by identifying the registration number (LPR).

A parking management system includes: automatic barriers, manual gate with operator or automatic gate, server on which management applications and management software run.

The differentiation of users (visitors, respectively subscribers) is done by using LPR cameras, to recognize registration numbers or by using an RFID card.

Another option for parking management can be the use of fast gates, which are ideal for passages with intense traffic and high safety requirements. These gates open and close as quickly as a barrier.

This system can be implemented simultaneously with an access control system.

The solutions offered by ICCO Systems are customized and adapted to the needs and are based on equipment and software produced by companies such as: Bam Bormet, Equinsa Parking, DataPark, Came, Cominfo, Gunnebo, HID Global, Metrici.