Charging station solution

A very current topic today, appearing in the context of climate changes and concerns for the identification of sustainable energy resources, is represented by electric vehicles. Their operation requires the provision of an appropriate infrastructure for charging stations.

When developing the charging station, friendly use was in the center of attention. Easy operation, combined with intelligent charging logic, allow trouble-free, fast and safe charging.

In this context, ICCO Systems offers the right charging solutions for all electric vehicles available on the market (cars, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles) adapted to all locations, such as:

  • public buildings
  • underground parking lots
  • shopping centers and airports
  • outdoor areas, for example, petrol stations, roadside shelters and customer car parks
  • residential applications in garages, carports or in the parking lot of the house
  • places of leisure, for example hotels, swimming pools, golf or tennis courts