Development partner

We gradually and continuously diversified our activities, following the opportunities offered by the Romanian market.
For 32 years we have been at the clients' disposal, offering solutions and integrated services in areas such as real estate developments, industrial and civil installations and constructions, industry, up to electronics and the supply of medical services and equipment.

Options, solutions, experience

Through its activity, ICCO managed to attract investments in Romania that had a positive impact on the economy and created new jobs.
The specialized team and strategic partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers have allowed ICCO to become a development partner with options and solutions.

Our presence on the market in 1990 it is a guarantee that we have the necessary experience and skills to ensure our clients success in business. Not by chance, the slogan that represents us is "Enjoy your business!"

Industrial Park Brasov

Industrial Park Brasov is a private "build-to-suit" Greenfield project, promoted by ICCO. The clients of Industrial Park Brasov are Romanian and foreign companies that have decided to develop their activity in Romania based on a long-term rental scenario.

Come&Go complex

The Come & Go complex is an important project of public interest, developed by the ICCO group, in the Bartolomeu area, with the aim of developing a passenger terminal station, to Western standards, to ensure modern local, county, national and international traffic, with characteristic functions and of public interest.

ICCO Real Estate

ICCO Real Estate offers rental and subletting services of own or leased real estate: industrial, storage and office spaces, for developing businesses. We offer professional solutions for all aspects related to renting buildings or properties, at advantageous prices.

ICCO Energ

Active on the energy market in Romania since 2006, ICCO Energ provides electricity at advantageous price conditions to industrial consumers, thus leading to a significant decrease in utility budgets.


Bepco is an energy services company that produces heat and electricity through high-efficiency cogeneration. Founded in 2010, Bepco came up with solutions for the modernization of thermal energy sources by using high-performance cogeneration installations - latest generation GE Jenbacher units - flexible and modular that ensure a quality service throughout the year, without interruptions in production

ICCO Instal

ICCO Instal is a true partner for businesses that develop through the construction of new industrial halls, commercial spaces, office buildings, airports or for projects in the medical field (hospitals, clinics), offering expertise in terms of project management, consultancy, implementation and maintenance of installation projects:
• Sanitary technical installations, air conditioning/ventilation, fire extinguishing
• High current electrical installations (low, medium and high voltage) and industrial automation systems
• Confections and metallic structures
• Sandblasting and painting in an electrostatic field


ICCO EMT is a supplier of equipment and services for manufacturers of electronic products. Over time, the company has accumulated an impressive experience regarding the production implementation of the sophisticated equipment necessary for electronic production.

ICCO Electronics

ICCO Electronics has over 20 years of experience in providing professional solutions in IT, electronic production and telecommunications. We supply various applications and equipment for audio/video conferences, IT products and solutions, consumables and materials used in electronic production, professional display systems, videowalls and digital signage.


ICCO AG realizes turnkey projects in General Entrepreneurship, ensuring a perfect coordination and safety of all works from the realization of the design and arrangements, the preparation of the documentation and the technical project to the management of the project, by following the 3 critical parameters: deadlines, budget and quality

ICCO Facility Management

ICCO Facility Management provides complete services for buildings, having construction and renovation capabilities for industrial, commercial and civil Greenfield and Brownfield projects.


CLINICCO is the first private hospital in Brasov, inaugurated in 2009, known throughout the country for the Center for Interventional Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, the Orthopedic Clinic and the Medical Recovery Center. The medical services are provided by specialized medical personnel, with nationally and internationally recognized experience. The medical team has at its disposal 5 operating theaters and 14 beds for anesthesia and intensive therapy, offering assistance 24 hours a day, 24 days a week.

ICCO Medical

ICCO Medical is a company with a wealth of experience on the medical and special equipment market in Romania. The medical department is present in all the major oncology centers in the country, both through the equipment supplied and installed (Theratron cobalt therapy equipment, Gammacell blood irradiators, radiation protection equipment), as well as through the service team made up of engineers trained in the country and abroad .