Public addressing and conferences

The public address and voice evacuation systems have the role of broadcasting alarm and control voice messages, announced by a human operator or pre-recorded, in spaces frequented by the general public: shopping centers, stadiums, performance halls, office buildings, theaters, centers businesses, hospitals, schools, etc.

In emergency situations, these systems contribute to saving lives, considerably reducing panic through waiting and guidance messages and minimizing material damage. They can be installed in new and/or existing buildings and it is recommended to integrate them with safety systems (for example with fire detection and signaling systems).

Sound systems and simultaneous translation ensure the management of any event, from meetings and discussions to international conferences, with translation in several languages ​​and with thousands of delegates. The simultaneous translation solutions are specially designed to create a pleasant working environment for the interpreters, help the participants to quickly and correctly understand the information and can be easily integrated into a conference system.

They are used for simultaneous translation in 2 (or more) languages ​​in meetings attended by people of different nationalities, allowing each listener to select the preferred language and also for indirect or "cascade" simultaneous translation. Moreover, the solutions can be easily integrated, even if the audio conference system and the simultaneous translation system come from different manufacturers.

ICCO Systems offers only tested solutions that allow the integration of additional functions:

  • video conferencing
  • integration with videoconferencing platforms (Skype, Zoom)
  • BMS integration – light control, air conditioning, blinds