Fire detection

Limiting the spread of a fire and the damage caused requires quick detection and correct information, which only a well configured, installed and carefully maintained system can ensure.

ICCO Systems offers you flexible solutions for fire detection, adapted to the specifics of each objective:

  • fire detection, signaling and warning;
  • actuations and interconnections with other systems (electrical, HVAC, Evac, etc.);
  • fire extinguishing systems with clean agents (Novec-1230);
  • detection of dangerous gases: carbon monoxide (in parking lots), methane gas, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide.

Starting from the fire safety scenario, we offer you the right solution, configured with respect and application of Romanian and European norms and standards.

ICCO Systems will propose a series of fire detection solutions provided by renowned manufacturers:

Apollo Fire Detectors, Bentel Security, Bosch, Honeywell, Inim Electronics, Kentec Electronics, Polon-Alfa, Schrack Seconet, Siemens, Xtralis.

The systems can be integrated with the public announcement systems and can send voice messages to warn and guide the personnel in the affected areas.