Access control

The access control system verifies and authorizes the physical access of people to a certain space, within a set time interval, based on information decided by the security management of the objective and implemented in the system's memory. It compares some input data (a code entered from a keyboard, an existing code stored on a support - RFID card, certain biometric data - fingerprint, facial contour, iris, etc.) with other data of the same nature existing in a database.

These systems greatly improve the 3 components of access (validation, control and evidence) and are especially useful in locations with large flows of people as well as in those where it is necessary to ensure special conditions for access.

The solutions offered by ICCO Systems are based on multiple technologies, safe and easy to use: classic or IP, proximity, magnetic, smart card, iClass, Legic, Mifare, fingerprint and others. The mechanical equipment used to restrict access varies from electromagnetic locks in various variants, to motorized doors, turnstiles, car barriers, security locks, supplied together with the related software by top manufacturers such as: Interflex, Impro Technologies, Amag Technology, Assa Abloy , Came, Cominfo, DSC Security Systems, , Paradox Security Systems, Kaba.

Our specialists have the competence to integrate the access control system with intrusion detection, video surveillance and other security systems, integration with ERP software, unified security interface.

Hotel access control is a particular variant of access control systems, suitable for hospitality applications and available in the range of ICCO Systems offers.
We propose the following options:

  • online (in which each room is monitored at the reception) - this option increases the degree of security of the room and the goods in it;
  • offline or local (where access to the room is local, the occupancy status of the room is not known at the reception) - this option ensures greater confidentiality for customers.

The hotel access control software integrates with the hotel management software and thus all check-in/out operations or payment of services are carried out simply and efficiently.