Intrusion detection

An intrusion detection system is the right security solution for any objective: from a small shop, to residential buildings, shopping centers, company headquarters, various industrial spaces, airports.

The perimeter protection constitutes the first level of the system and is a real obstacle to intruders, it detects and discourages any attempted break-in from the initial phase. The second level of the intrusion detection system consists of the protection outside as well as inside the building.

The anti-theft/anti-burglary alarm systems are a set of interconnected devices, with the aim of protecting an objective against intruders and at the same time notifying the owner and/or the dispatcher (of monitoring and intervention) of any violation of the protected areas. Depending on the requirements and financial possibilities, you can choose a simple alarm system, suitable for the basic protection of a home, or a more advanced structure that, in addition to the basic functions, will considerably improve the comfort of users.

The system designer can greatly help the client to choose an optimal solution, depending on the characteristics of the location and the needs of the clients, taking into account the options for expanding the system in the future. More advanced alarm systems can perform functions such as access control (via motorized gates, electric locks), lighting and heating control, and many other home/building automation functions.

Interface devices are modern keyboards and touch panels that, beyond the aesthetic appearance and intuitive operation, have the ability to store location maps on memory cards for easier control of the entire system, as well as in mobile phones or devices and PC- portable devices with dedicated applications and internet connection.

Special objectives such as petrochemical, nuclear, material warehouses, facilities for water distribution, power stations, or airports, need an effective perimeter protection system and a monitoring and intervention service that allows for the quick and efficient identification and solution of any detected incident.

Each solution is configured starting from risk analysis to physical security, and the equipment is chosen to ensure safe operation, detection, signaling and fast alarming, local and remote, monitoring and control.

The equipment provided by ICCO Systems is certified by European standards, and the systems installed so far have proven their efficiency and reliability.