Brasov COVID-19 modular hospital

The modular COVID-19 hospital in the courtyard of the Brasov County Clinical Hospital has 28 beds, 14 for ATI and 14 for intermediate therapy (without invasive ventilation).

56 containers were used for the construction of the modular hospital.

ICCO Systems created the fire detection and warning installation with the following structure:

  • addressable analogue fire control panel with 2 detection loops;
  • 38 addressable optical smoke detectors;
  • 6 addressable indoor acoustic signaling devices;
  • 4 conventional opto-acoustic outdoor sirens;
  • 15 addressable indoor manual triggers;
  • 5 conventional flashes for optical fire signaling.
  • ICCO Systems also made the necessary wiring for the call system for nurses, a system that will be installed later.

The fitting-out works of the ATI modular ward at the Brasov County Hospital were completed at the end of August 2020.