PMG Sinter

The Germans from PMG Sinter have expanded their rented space in Industrial Park Brasov. The new building of approximately 8.000 square meters is divided into production spaces, technical spaces and the office area. The investment exceeded 4 million euros.

Within this project, ICCO Systems designed and installed low current systems:

  • fire detection and warning system
  • video surveillance system
  • structured cabling network

The existing fire detection system was expanded with 4 more loops, the existing central was replaced with a modular, redundant central to serve the entire building. Detection systems with suction pipes were installed in the production area and in the warehouse, and point detectors were installed in the office areas and in the technical spaces. The entire system is managed with the help of a software with a graphic interface that displays the current status of all connected elements.

The existing video surveillance system was completed with high-performance IP cameras (4MP, IR 60m, motorized varifocal lenses) installed in the key points of the objective.

The structured cabling network has expanded with around 200 data ports and 3 concentration nodes, complying with PMG standards, using cat 7 copper cables and OM3 optical fiber. The solutions installed by our colleagues are based on Bosch, Hikvision and Schrack equipment.

The factory in Brasov is the eighth factory of the German group, whose main objective is the production of sintered parts for manual boxes. PMG started sintered steel production in 1960 in Fussen, Germany. It currently owns 7 production units (Germany, Spain – 3 factories, USA – 2 factories, China), with over 1.400 employees and a turnover of 260 million euros.