Continental Automotive Systems Sibiu – R&D Engineering Center 3 and Production Module 6

The concern of the Continental group for the creation of top products, both technologically and qualitatively, made it complete a major investment in research during 2019, by inaugurating on the same date, December 6, 2019, an Engineering Center, the R&D building 3 and Module 6. With this, the capacity of Continental Automotive Systems was extended to 6 production modules and three R&D modules, as well as a test line for vehicles equipped with modules produced by Continental AS.

The investment of the Continental group in the realization of the Modul 6 building and the R&D Engineering center 3 amounts to over 32 million euros.

For the R&D3 Engineering Center, ICCO Systems carried out the implementation of security systems and their integration into the security system of the Continental Platform. The value of the ICCO Systems project was 492.000 Euros and includes:

  • BOSCH fire detection system with over 565 point sensors and sensors in the ventilation pipe;
  • Sound system and voice direction in case of evacuation, with BOSCH equipment;
  • INTERFLEX access control system that controls 60 doors (for 9 laboratories the system is integrated with the ESD testing / electrostatic discharge part), two turnstiles and a revolving gate (for access to the Reception area);
  • Video surveillance system with 30 IP video cameras and local server integrated in the Milestone VMS system;
  • Car access control system in the ALD / South and Gradinita / North car parks;

Module 6 has an area of ​​approximately 12.000 m², with a production area with a capacity of 150 people/shift and an office area, which allows the activity of 250 people.

The weak current project carried out by ICCO Systems for Production Module 6 is worth 327.000 Euros and is composed of:

  • Video surveillance system with 35 IP video cameras and local server integrated in the Video Management Software system from Milestone;
  • INTERFLEX access control system that controls 28 doors and 4 turnstiles – integrated with the ESD electrostatic discharge/testing part;
  • Car access control system with recognition of the registration number and a point for measuring the speed of the vehicles;
  • BOSCH fire detection system with over 270 point addressable analog sensors, sensors in the ventilation pipe and 5 linear sensors for monitoring large spaces.