Continental Automotive Iasi

The German Continental group completed in July 2020, the works for the expansion of the office building of the research and development center in Iasi, works that started in April 2019. The investment amounted to 27 million Euros.

The new building has 8 levels, a capacity of up to 1.700 seats and includes a complete testing and validation area for products developed within the company, as well as relaxation areas, conference rooms, kitchens. 2.000 people work at Continental Automotive Romania R&D Iasi.

The specialists from Iasi are involved in the development of top technologies in the automotive industry, including window and sunroof control units, navigation and multimedia applications.

The first vacuumless brake system "one box design" in the world is also being worked on here, which increases the efficiency of the braking process using a compact design. In partnership with the local and international university environment, the specialists from Iasi are also working on projects dedicated to cities and smart cars, capable of increasing driving efficiency, safety and comfort.

Continental continues to carry out innovative projects aimed at autonomous driving and connectivity in the automotive industry, as well as the use of new skills such as the development of cyber security.

The weak current project carried out by ICCO Systems for this investment has a value of 230.000 Euros and is composed of:

  • Video surveillance system with 44 IP video cameras;
  • Access control system that controls 16 two-way doors, 7 one-way doors and 8 turnstiles;
  • Car access control system with 6 barriers.