The fast gate without a running track at Vitesco Technologies

Our partner Bam Bormet launched a new challenge to our engineers which they successfully responded to.

It is an innovative new access management solution: a fast gate without a running track. The new system was made for Vitesco Technologies, a long-standing customer of our company who wanted a reliable access management solution in the factory perimeter.

By using speedgates, companies and institutions can improve security, access control and manage the flow of people and vehicles efficiently and conveniently.

They are designed to allow quick and safe access by authorized persons and vehicles while limiting access by unauthorized persons.

Efficient, reliable and secure solution

The offered solution is provided with an integrated control system located inside the columns. This feature allows the gate wings to fully fold behind the posts when open and ensures a longer life for these components.

Another plus is space-saving, with the trackless speedgate featuring a rod-bearing mechanism that ensures smooth and reliable operation, even in high-traffic environments.

Speedgates are equipped with photocell curtains, with photocells and contact strips, which guarantee the safe passage of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.