MedEuropa opens a modern radiotherapy center in Iasi

Five years after the opening of the first radiotherapy center in Constanța, MedEuropa is ready to offer quality radiotherapy services for patients in Iasi.
The MedEuropa Iasi building has an area of ​​approximately 3.000 square meters. The MedEuropa radiotherapy center is one of the most modern centers of this type in Romania and benefits from state-of-the-art technology. Also, the staff working in the clinic are specialized in this field, having the necessary experience for quality treatment.

Our company became a partner in this investment where we contributed to the design, configuration, installation, commissioning and user training for the low current systems.
The systems that have been implemented at MedEuropa Iasi are:

  • fire detection and warning system with over 200 addressable analogue smoke detectors;
  • burglar detection and warning system with 18 infrared detectors;
  • access control system with 18 proximity card readers;
  • closed circuit television system with more than 30 video cameras and video intercom system
  • panic warning system
  • medical call system
  • voice-data facility
  • car access control system with barriers

MedEuropa is a company that plans to develop in Romania a chain of up to 10 radiotherapy clinics, development geographically correlated with the treatment needs of patients.
MedEuropa radiotherapy centers are currently open in Constanța, Bucharest, Oradea and Brașov. In the first three medical centers, our specialists designed and installed weak current systems.