Roman Catholic Diocese of Timisoara

Security systems installed in a monument over 250 years old

After four years of extensive renovation, conservation and rehabilitation works, at the end of April, the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Timisoara reopened its doors to parishioners and visitors.

Our company took part in these works and handled the installation of modern signaling and detection systems for burglaries and fires. Also, our specialists took care of the creation of the voice-data network and the installation of a video surveillance and visitor counting system.

A special component in this project was the installation of a system that would allow the live transmission of the holy liturgy through social networks.

Thus, five high-performance video cameras were installed inside the cathedral, three of which rotate 360 ​​degrees to take the images and with the help of the application Camstream the liturgical activity will reach the parishioners much more easily.

The Roman-Catholic Cathedral or the Roman-Catholic Cathedral of Timișoara is one of the most important historical and religious monuments of the city and is considered an outstanding example of the Baroque style. Construction began in 1736 under the direction of the Austrian architect Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach and was completed in 1774 under the direction of the Viennese architect Franz Anton Hillebrandt.

The cathedral is 62 meters long, 25 meters wide and 28 meters high and is built in the late Baroque style with Rococo influences. The facade is decorated with baroque stucco and sculptures with religious and allegorical motifs.

Inside, the cathedral has a central nave 42 meters long, 22 meters high and 14 meters wide, flanked by two side chapels. The main altar is decorated with a painting of Saint Joseph and a sculpture of the Virgin Mary, and at the top of the nave is an impressive organ.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral in Timișoara is an important tourist destination, being included in the national and international tourist circuit of the European Capital of Culture 2023. In addition, the cathedral hosts numerous religious and cultural events, such as concerts, exhibitions and festivals.