ICCO Systems has its own department, specialized in the design of low current systems and electrical installations with engineers authorized by IGPR, IGSU, ANRE, INSEMEX

The design of a security system requires the establishment of a complex and complete configuration of equipment: alarm centers, detection and optoacoustic signaling equipment, video cameras, access control systems and their energy supply, established by the risk assessment and treatment report for physical security, a document drawn up by a physical security risk assessor.

This constitutes the basis for the adoption of security measures for the objectives, goods and values ​​provided by law, transposed in the security plan and the projects of the mechanical and electronic security systems. The project of the technical security system is carried out in accordance with the legal regulations in the field (Law 333/2003, Law 182/2002, HG585/2002, HG781/2002, HG 301/2012, Normative I 18/2-2002).

The security system implementation project includes:

  • the plan of the location with the location of the objective and the characteristics of the surroundings
  • information regarding construction (type of construction, size of rooms, construction materials, wall thickness, etc.)
  • presentation of the proposed security system with its component elements
  • description of the protected areas and the assigned security elements
  • the location of the alarm center and monitoring and control equipment
  • energy calculation of the system
  • technical data regarding the equipment used
  • the way of guarantee, service and intervention
  • equipment certification documents
  • plans of the objective with the location of the security system components, block and connection diagrams.

A well-conceived security system project ensures the efficiency of the investment in the following stages of system realization (equipment purchase, installation and maintenance) and the optimal level of protection.

Design services offered by ICCO Systems:

  • design of integrated security systems
  • design of burglary detection and warning systems
  • design of fire detection and warning systems
  • designing video surveillance systems
  • designing access control systems
  • design of perimeter security systems

Our specialists are also authorized by the solution providers with whom ICCO Systems has been collaborating for about 30 years: Bosch, Milestone, Panduit, Interflex, Esser, Axis, R&M, Siemens, Avigilon, Schrack. Periodically participates in training courses so that our clients benefit from the newest and best performing solutions in the field of security.