Maintenance and service

Another key element in electronic security is the maintenance and rapid troubleshooting of security and communication systems.

The main purpose of maintenance is to ensure the functioning of the systems in optimal conditions for as long as possible. This includes both periodic system maintenance operations, as well as the repair or replacement of components that fail over time.

Because any security system, regardless of complexity or size, needs maintenance to function properly over time, ICCO Systems offers the following maintenance services:

  • periodic checks of the security system (preventive maintenance)
  • rapid intervention in the event of failure/unforeseen shutdown of a system and the remedy of possible causes
  • remedying the malfunctions of security systems by repairing or replacing non-functional components

The works are carried out in compliance with the legislation in force and the specific rules in the field, law 333/2003 regarding the protection of objectives, assets, values ​​and the protection of persons and according to the order of the Minister of Administration and Interior no. 87 of 06.04.2010/XNUMX/XNUMX.

Preventive maintenance is carried out by authorized and certified personnel, based on the equipment manufacturers' recommendations. Depending on the working environment in which the equipment/system is used, an optimal period for maintenance is recommended.

Failure to carry out periodic maintenance can lead to technical problems such as:

  • false alarms of security systems;
  • partial recording, unclear or loss of some data, failure to trigger the alarm at crucial moments;
  • some components may be non-functional without reporting errors;
  • unwanted blocking of access at important moments.