An essential element for the client is the unitary management of security information. The experience gained in the complex projects implemented is one of the assets that help us offer integration solutions up to PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) level

We offer not only stand-alone electronic and fire security systems (such as anti-burglary, access and time control, video surveillance, fire detection and extinguishing), but we integrate all these systems, offering the possibility of inter-conditioning between systems, tracking and controlling them through a single software platform.

With the help of this platform, the user can correlate the information coming from all the security systems, can control and manage all the systems with the help of interactive synoptic maps, real-time event logs and view the images from the video cameras relevant to the events taking place in the case an intrusion.

Thus, the operator has a clear view of the situation in question even when dozens of access control points, hundreds of burglary detection elements and hundreds of video cameras are installed.

Another advantage for the end user is that he learns only one security system management software program. At the same time, it has the possibility to generate clear reports for the events of all installed subsystems. It is also possible to create a back-up for the database, thus having increased security for the entire infrastructure.

In short, system integration helps operational, commercial and emergency security work together. System integration offers complex benefits, by addressing security on several levels simultaneously. The more layers of security there are, the harder they will be to penetrate.

An integrated security system can include different systems such as:

  • surveillance and video analysis
  • access control
  • burglary detection and warning
  • emergency and commercial sound system
  • recognition of registration numbers
  • fire safety, extinguishing and warning
  • safety and security lighting
  • security and emergency doors