Through the vast accumulated experience, our specialists offer specialized technical consultancy for any security system

The optimal solution for configuring a security system can only be determined after carrying out the security audit, which involves a rigorous analysis of the elements and conditions that influence the security status of the target, the analysis of security requirements, vulnerabilities and risks to which it is exposed the objective.

Our design engineers, both in the field of electrical installations, mechanical security, as well as electronic and IT security, meet the client's needs and prepare the project for each individual work.

As far as electronic security systems are concerned, adaptation to the client's needs means the preparation of a project which, as the case may be, will later be submitted for approval to the Police Inspectorate of the county according to the client's residence. The project will include a chapter for each individual system:

  • video surveillance system
  • access control system
  • fire detection and warning system
  • burglary detection and warning system
  • intercom system
  • sound system etc.

The projects for the fire detection and warning systems are developed in accordance with the legislation in force and are subsequently approved by authorized verifiers.

The technical consulting services we offer are:

  • security organization and administration, security audit;
  • physical security for technical systems;
  • personnel security, procedure notices;
  • commercial security in relation to partners, suppliers, beneficiaries;
  • document protection;
  • IT security.

Due to the complex relationships within an organization, security issues are much more complex than they seem at first glance and that is why they must be approached in a systemic, integrated context. An integrated security system can mostly solve problems related to:

  • employee discipline,
  • physical security,
  • computer and IT system security,
  • information security and its handling,
  • security and safety of personnel,
  • security and safety of material goods,
  • effective event response procedures.