VECTRA International

Vectra International, the most important international carrier of goods with full Romanian capital from Brasov county, has invested in the town of Codlea in a logistics space of approximately 10.000 square meters. In the new location, a storage hall, a social-administrative body, technical annexes and the gate cabin were set up.

ICCO Systems joined the project and worked on the installation:

  • of the fire detection and signaling system, which is provided with a 4-loop addressable fire alarm control panel, 200 smoke and temperature detectors installed in all rooms at risk of fire, 50 indoor and outdoor sirens, manual buttons that can be addressed by fire alarm. At the ceiling level, detection is performed with linear smoke barriers, and at the level of the shelves, detection with suction tubing was provided.
  • indoor and outdoor closed circuit video surveillance system. 65 fixed and mobile IP video cameras were installed in the key points of the objective
  • the access control system that ensures security for the usual doors, used by employees, staff, visitors and limits access to important areas of the building. At the same time, car barriers and turnstiles were installed for pedestrian access
  • voice-data installations and wireless network for the warehouse management system

The value of the works carried out by ICCO Systems exceeded 300.000 euros.

Vectra International was founded in 1994 and owns one of the most important fleets (288 vehicles - tractors, semi-trailers and vans) specialized in international road transport, integrated logistics, storage, packaging and packaging management, car service and maintenance, related commercial services.