Fashion House Cernica

The developer and operator of outlet stores Fashion House Group will open a second outlet center in Romania this year.

The new center is located in the eastern part of Bucharest, on the A2 highway to Constanta, 2 km from the Bucharest Beltway, within the Cernica Park commercial park. Scheduled to be developed in two stages, the outlet center will have a total area of ​​13.000 square meters.

The first commercial area will have 8.700 square meters, and the remaining approximately 4.000 square meters will be opened in 2023. The shopping center will host restaurants, cafes, administrative offices, restrooms and commercial spaces, as well as parking spaces for visitors.

Our colleagues from Bucharest joined the project and worked on the installation:

  • the automatic and manual fire detection and signaling system where addressable equipment was used; more than 240 smoke and temperature detectors and approximately 120 fire buttons were installed
  • the closed circuit television system was provided with over 30 fixed and mobile IP video cameras located outside but also in the commercial area, in public circulation areas, in the access area to the sanitary groups, offices, sidewalks, secondary corridors
  • to the burglary detection and alarm system for a quick detection of burglary attempts and to control access flows inside the building
  • sound system provided with 24 sound projectors and 6 other speakers
  • the access control system in order to limit the right of entry in certain predetermined spaces or routes
  • anti-panic system for people with disabilities
  • voice-data network configuration.

This 25 million euro investment by the Liebrecht & wooD group in Romania represents the seventh outlet center built by the European developer, in countries such as Poland and Russia, along with Romania.