Continental AR Timisoara

Continental, the largest producer of auto components in Romania, has completed the project to expand production capacities in the country. The Continental Group invested over 33 million euros in the expansion of the research and development center in Timisoara.

The new building has a total area of ​​over 26.000 square meters, a capacity of up to 1.700 parking spaces, as well as a complete testing and validation area for the products developed within the company.

ICCO Systems also participated in the realization of this project, which supplied, installed and integrated the weak current systems in the company's security system. The value of the works carried out by ICCO Systems exceeded 780.000 euros.

The systems implemented within the project are:

  • Car access control system with barriers and registration number recognition
  • Pedestrian access control system with Cominfo turnstiles
  • Indoor access control system, configured with Interflex equipment
  • Bosch fire detection system with over 1400 optical smoke and temperature detectors, 32 sensors in the ventilation pipe
  • Video surveillance system with 47 IP video cameras
  • Burglary detection and warning system
  • Public address system

Currently, the directions in which Continental carries out an intense activity aim at the development of innovative software and hardware solutions for the interior of the car, safety, engine and transmission, as well as navigation systems and instruments for future cars and commercial vehicles.

Continental owns seven production units and four engineering centers in Timisoara, Sibiu, Carei, Nadab, Brasov and Iasi.