Corbeanca village

The installation of a video surveillance system in the strategic points of the Corbeanca commune in Ilfov county was one of the projects that ICCO Systems engineers worked on.

The system provides day and night video surveillance to identify any attempt or deed that may disrupt public peace and the security of local residents in the following categories of objectives:

  • outdoor play spaces;
  • pedestrian walkways;
  • the area of ​​buildings in the heritage;
  • the area of ​​schools and kindergartens on the territory of the commune;
  • the area of ​​parks, public squares, parking lots, pedestrian walkways and fairs;
  • waste collection points.

More than 90 video cameras were supplied and another 30 existing cameras were taken over in the new system, which, through its structure, aims to increase safety and prevent crime in Corbeanca Commune.

The commune's video monitoring system includes a number of 11 video cameras equipped with video analysis for recognizing and storing vehicle registration numbers, for monitoring entrances and exits from the commune, main road intersections, pedestrian crossings, etc.

The video cameras were installed on the poles of the national electrical network, the active telecommunications equipment being mounted in special metal outdoor cabinets. For two locations where it was not possible to be supplied with electricity from the national grid, photovoltaic panels with storage in a battery sized to ensure the necessary energy for the operation of the equipment and radio communication with the optical fiber bus are provided.

The captured images will be stored with the help of four NVR type digital recorders, which allow quick access to live or recorded information (images and registration numbers), display of information such as date/time/second in the image, search for recordings by time and event, playback of recordings at maximum resolution as well as quick export of the selected recording.

The signal transmission from the video cameras to the recorders will be carried out through a complex fiber optic infrastructure, through dozens of active industrial data communication equipment. In the control room, all the central equipment was installed in a rack-type metal cabinet especially for telecommunications and networking. The value of the investment exceeds 400.000 lei.