One of the world's largest producers of sewing thread, the Amann group established a production line in Harman in 2006. In 2017, the factory in Romania entered an expansion process, at which time they provided for the equipment of the unit with high-performance security systems.

In this context, the collaboration between the Amann group and ICCO Systems specialists began. To begin with, the design engineer colleagues made several visits to the factory in Harman to prepare the technical documentation for the fire detection and warning installation, the voice-data network, the video surveillance and access control system.

Thus, in order to ensure fire safety requirements, for fire prevention and timely intervention in case of emergency, surveillance with point addressable optical smoke detectors of all rooms with a real risk of starting fires, addressable entry/exit devices has been provided and manual addressable signaling buttons for all escape routes of the space, all connected to the addressable fire control panel.

The access control system was designed taking into account the destination of the building, so that the movement on the access flows takes place in a controlled manner. Thus, the access of the employees will be controlled bisense upon entering the factory through a tripod type turnstile, located at the gate house. A one-way access filter was provided for the main access doors. In this way, it will be possible to obtain access reports for each employee. Car access will be controlled by a barrier with a 6-meter arm.

In order to increase the degree of protection of the factory, which extends over an area of ​​approximately 19.000 square meters, a closed-circuit television system was provided to monitor the points of interest: the perimeter of the building, access areas, hallways, offices, production areas and storage areas. The surveillance is carried out with IP color video cameras mounted inside and outside. The possibility of recording the images on a storage device - type NVR was also taken into account.

The solution provided for the voice-data installation is based on the current concepts of structured cabling, with individual connections for each workstation (telephone or computer) to the connection and distribution boards (patch panels) and to the central equipment (switches, telephone exchange).

In 2020, the company representatives asked us to complete the technical project of the fire detection and warning installation with smoke detection by suction for the shelves in the two warehouses. The design engineers provided for the installation of suction detection units with one or two sensors. In addition to the design, ICCO Systems also implemented the system at the beginning of this year. The value of the investment exceeds 30.000 euros.

Smoke detection by aspiration was achieved with FAAST™ modules (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology) that offer very early and safe detection of fires. The FAAST system is an equipment that sucks air into a high-sensitivity detection chamber, having a patented shape, through a tube, determining the early, precise and discreet warning in case of fire.

The piping system was designed using the PipeIQ software. This is a complete design, configuration and monitoring system for ESSER FAAST aspirating smoke detectors. With the help of this tool, the designers were able to define the structure of the suction piping, check the diameters of the holes and generate the list of materials and the assembly sketch of the piping.

The Amann Group is a family business founded in 1854 in Bonnigheim, in the southwest of Germany. The group has become one of the world's leading producers of industrial sewing thread, owning factories in Germany, the Czech Republic, Great Britain and Romania.