AP– Maersk Moller

AP Moller - Maersk and IB Cargo SRL, a Romanian company that provides complete freight forwarding and logistics services, commissioned a regional distribution center of 2021 square meters in CTPark Bucharest West in 75.000.

The warehouse is used by IKEA Supply AG as a distribution center for inbound and outbound operations for its stores in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Within this project, ICCO Systems supplied and installed the data and voice service distribution system. The purpose of structured cabling was to create a universal communication infrastructure that could support all telephone equipment, workstations, WiFi Hotspots, intrusion detection and alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, command and control, etc.

Thus, the system will later allow the expansion, modification and/or addition of new technologies without major intervention in the network at the physical level and without having consequences regarding reliability and maintaining security requirements.

The system ensures the distribution of data services inside the storage hall by installing over 180 WiFi HotSpots. The network topology is STEA type with 13 intermediate Racks to which the WiFi Access Points are connected.

All intermediate racks are connected in a ring topology with the main rack in the technical room, through an optical fiber infrastructure and professional equipment, ensuring the mandatory redundancy for the level and importance of this data network.

the cable trays are made by installing the metal cable beds at heights between 12 and 14 meters together with the branches on the PVC tube. The cabling was made with high quality materials, including OM3 and OM4 optical fiber, FTP cable cat. 6a. The value of the investment in the structured cabling system exceeded 70.000 euros.

AP Moller – Maersk Group, in short Maersk is a Danish conglomerate that has activities in numerous sectors, mainly in the transport and energy sectors. Since 1996, Maersk has been the largest container shipping company in the world, a record that is hard to match.

The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with subsidiaries and offices in over 135 countries around the world and approximately 108.000 employees.