High performance video system in Baneasa Shopping City

Out of the desire to offer customers a unique shopping and entertainment experience in an environment aimed at safety, security and protection, Baneasa Developments took on the challenge of modernizing the old surveillance system.

The request from Baneasa Shopping City was to have an overview of all the facilities where sales and entertainment activities take place, implicitly a video system capable of monitoring the entire activity carried out in the mall during the day and night. The goal is to prevent incidents that can occur in a large mall: thefts, vandalism, things that can happen in areas hidden from the public and outside of working hours.

Baneasa Shopping City is the leader on the Romanian fashion and entertainment market, with over 300 stores of famous international and Romanian brands, a variety of cafes and restaurants, but also an impressive entertainment area.

The team that coordinated and implemented the project

The implementation of the new top technology - Milestone Xprotect Professional+ 2022 R2 - was carried out by the technicians and engineers of ICCO, the main partner of Milestone Systems.

Milestone – leading provider of video management software

Milestone XProtect Professional+ 2022 R2 open platform video management software enables organizations of any size to build reliable video security solutions – no data loss, scalable – no video capacity limitations, scalable, easy to use – with full control over all software and hardware, a complete and intuitive overview that allows easy use.

This solution is accessible to all organizations and can be implemented by the engineers and technicians of the ICCO group, who have Milestone certification.
Milestone enables an openplatform community that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology, with reliable and scalable solutions that are proven in more than 500.000 customer sites worldwide. Founded in 1998, Milestone is an independent company within the Canon Group.

For additional details on the collaboration between Băneasa Mall and Milestone, visit this link.

Project implementation

The project started in 2015, with the implementation of a small number of NVRs (network video recorders) integrated into the Milestone XProtect Professional platform.

Over time, it was decided to replace analog video cameras with IP ones, and in 2022 it was decided to implement the Xprotect solution, which consisted of the incorporation of a management server, multiple servers for recording and the integration of over 300 video cameras.

At the same time, the new intelligent video platform also integrated panic alert devices located at critical points, in order to be able to intervene much faster in emergency situations.
XProtect is flexible and can be reconfigured and expanded according to the needs of the mall's security staff.


The new system immediately proved its usefulness. Whenever staff and authorities need to view images and recordings, they can be delivered in just a few minutes and are of very good quality.