Sennheiser has expanded its factory in Ghimbav

The audio equipment manufacturer Sennheiser has expanded its production capacity in Romania. The factory located in the Industrial Park of Ghimbav was expanded from 3.300 square meters to approximately 10.000 square meters.

Icco Systems joined the project and contributed to the completion of the existing weak current systems.

Thus, our specialists took care of the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the following systems:

  • fire detection and warning system
  • video surveillance system
  • access control system
  • structured cabling network
  • extinguishing system

The installation of the security systems at this stage stretched over a period of several months. In the fire detection and warning system, the detection center was replaced and more than 160 detectors and 18 sirens were installed.

The new building is under video surveillance with 28 video cameras, and access to the hall is provided with proximity readers.

The IT room where all the central equipment of the security systems were stored was provided with a Novec 123 extinguishing system.

Products for the professional audio market have been manufactured in the Ghimbav factory since 2018, including the Evolution Wireless G4 and Evolution Wireless Digital, XS Wireless Digital systems, as well as the famous DJ headphones, HD25 and HD280 monitoring headphones.