Codlea Municipality

Street video monitoring

Codlea Town Hall is a public institution that represents the functional structure with permanent activity that implements the decisions of the local council and the mayor's orders, solving the current problems of the local community in the Municipality of Codlea.

The street closed-circuit television system will be installed within the radius of the municipality of Codlea, to monitor the main points of interest in this locality.

Monitoring system composition:

  • break-in detection and signaling subsystem, access control subsystem and closed-circuit television subsystem at the dispatch center;
  • street closed circuit television subsystem.

The main equipment (servers, monitors, UPSs) will be located - in a building located in the center of Codlea - where they will be mechanically protected against theft or destruction.

The poles on which the closed-circuit television subsystem equipment will be installed are pre-compressed vibrated concrete poles or metal poles.

The subsystem will have as its power source the electrical distribution network located in the area and reserve sources consisting of accumulators and uninterruptible sources.

The communication of the closed circuit television subsystem will be carried out through a network of fiber optic cables to the servers in the dispatch building.

The total length of the fiber optic circuits amounts to approximately 27,5 km of cable route on the existing poles in the locality.

Video cameras and video signal distribution equipment will be installed on approximately 80 existing poles.

145 IP video cameras with 2 and 5 megapixel resolution will be installed.

Through this project, 145 IP video cameras with a resolution of 2 and 5 megapixels will be installed, and another 15 existing cameras will be integrated into the current system.

Of the 145 new cameras, two will be used to transmit live images on the town hall website to promote the Municipality of Codlea.

Also, 8 video cameras will be used to recognize the registration numbers of vehicles, which will be installed at the entrances and exits of the municipality.