ICCO Systems, partner in the construction of the second Continental factory in Serbia

In March of this year, Continental Automotive Serbia inaugurated its second factory in Novi Sad Nord 4 Industrial Zone.

The new production facility is one of the largest Continental plants in the world. It has over 30.000 square meters of production and office space.

Advanced electronic systems for the automotive industry are produced here. The total value of Continental's investments in the two factories in Serbia amounted to 140 million euros.

Access control system provided and installed by ICCO Systems

Icco Systems also joined this time in the project held in Novi Sad. Our specialists took care of the supply, installation and programming of the Interflex access control system.

The installed system is a complex one to ensure access to both production and administrative spaces. The system serves both the interior spaces and access to the building, but also the parking area and access to the factory perimeter.

Also, the installed system has a double functionality, performing both the security function, but also the time management function through the information from the terminals intended for the timekeeping.
Currently, our specialists are working on a new access control project for an IQ Center space, which is estimated to be completed in May of this year.

Continental Automotive has been operating in Serbia for more than five years

The German group has been present in Serbia since 2018, when it inaugurated a research and development center where more than 600 engineers work.

The center develops automotive and commercial vehicle solutions for Continental's Vehicle Information and Networks division.

These include products such as dashboards, radars, cameras, control units for remote monitoring of vehicle position and parameters, vehicle access systems using smartphones, mobile applications, and the main product is a system designed for autonomous driving.

Continental today operates in 59 countries and employs more than 240.000 people in its factories, development centers and subsidiaries.