Continental has expanded its production unit in Timisoara

Continental has expanded its electronic parts factory in Timisoara with a new production unit. It is an investment of over 40 million euros and represents the third expansion of the electronic components factory in Timișoara.

The new production hall has over 7.000 square meters, thus reaching 18.000 square meters. More parking spaces, a technical area, offices and a green area were also added.

The electronic components factory in Timișoara produces over 17 million products annually. Airbag control units, electronic parking systems, control units for various technologies such as air suspension, power steering, suspension adjustment and dynamic load stabilization, Head-Up and Head-Up Combiner display units and on-board instruments are manufactured here .

Over time, the factory developed in the direction of Industry 4.0, integrating equipment and technologies such as the innovative storage system, the trigeneration system and others.

Low current systems installed by our specialists

The partnership between Continental and our company continued in this project as well. Our specialists dealt with the supply, installation and commissioning of the following systems:

  • fire detection and warning system
  • burglary detection and warning system
  • video surveillance system
  • internal and external access control system
  • sound system and public address

The installation of the security systems at this stage was complex and stretched over a period of several months. The fire detection and warning system was provided with a central unit equipped with 7 loops, with approximately 400 detectors and over 50 sirens.

The new building is under video surveillance with 8 internal cameras and over 50 external cameras. The break-in detection system is provided with a signaling center with 8/16 zones, over 50 detectors and three sirens. The internal access control system consists of 7 turnstiles, two exit gates, a set of sliding gate type turnstiles and over 150 proximity readers.

Access to the outside of the building is provided with four car barriers and two video intercom stations. The public address system is composed of approximately 150 sound projectors and five amplifiers. All five systems were integrated into the existing systems on the Continental platform.